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for Northern Bald Ibis

Species Action Plan

Coordinating Conservation Along the Flyway

The AEWA Northern Bald Ibis International Working Group (AEWA NBI IWG) was convened two years ago. Its goal is to facilitate and coordinate the implementation of the AEWA International Single Species Action Plan (SSAP) for the species. The coordination of the IWG is provided by BirdLife International under a Memorandum of Cooperation with the UNEP/AEWA Secretariat through a unit of a coordinator from the RSPB and assistant coordinators for the Western population from SEO/BirdLife (BirdLife partner in Spain) and the Eastern population from the BirdLife Middle East Secretariat.

AEWA Single Species Action Plans are a tool used to set conservation goals for the populations of selected waterbird species listed under the Agreement and to coordinate conservation efforts in all range states along the flyway. Although only AEWA Contracting Parties are formally obligated to implement the adopted Single Species Action Plans, in practice the plans apply to all principal range states within the particular species' migration routes - whether they have yet become a Party to the Agreement or not. This approach aims at ensuring that coordination of conservation efforts along the flyway occurs, with the aim to make the conservation of a species as effective as possible along its entire range.


Find out more about and download the Northern bald ibis National and International Action Plans over the next two pages.

For more information on other Single Species Action Plans adopted under AEWA, please visit the AEWA website.